"Current Work" Studio Show 1989

           © May 2011 George Alamidis
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Artists statement


The Oxford dictionary's definition of the word (assimilate) is: make like, absorb into the system, (lit. and fig.).

When an object is placed in an environment, a number of forces are activated to begin the process of absorption.
What then takes place is a continual conflict between those forces, and the intrinsic qualities that are inherent in that object. Though the passing of time what occur's is a transformation and the object not only begins to change, but it also in some way becomes reflective of it's surroundings.
When we look at the wall of an old building for example, we become aware of the physical changes that have occurred through time. How even what we are presented with, is not the complete, but a rather fragmented indication of what might have taken place on that surface. We (the viewer), absorb and reinterpret the clues which are relevant to us in our search for some kind of visual comprehension. This process described above is in reality a simplistic metaphor for the human condition, This metaphor is used as a starting point for the paintings. From the physical we can begin to explore the emotional elements of the human condition, the values, attitudes, cultural and personal points of reference,

My working process is one of intuitively working the layers of colour, scratching and re-working the surface, allowing the buried shapes to surface again. By moving through this physical process a point is reached where the image formed correlates strongly with my own cultural and personal points of reference, which I believe translate universally. To simply remain the detached observer who selects a part of a weathered wall, is not enough, For me there is a need to be a full participation of the working process, and to certain extent direct those marks that are relevant to a personal imagery.