"Five Miles from the Sea" Level 17 Artspace Melbourne 2011

        "Five Miles from the Sea" Richmond Town Hall Melbourne 2012  
            © May 2011 George Alamidis
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iNVITATION IMAGEFive Miles from the Sea ( Exhibition website )
Curator: Geoff Tolchard  
Artists: George Alamidis, Terri Brooks, Caz Guiney, Jodi Heffernan, Kari Henrikse, Greg Neville, Kirsten Perry, Karenne Rees, Adriane Strampp, Maria Thompson, Geoff Tolchard, Peter Wegner.

This exhibition is titled Five Miles from the Sea as it investigates the impact of the incursion of non-indigenous peoples – and the marks they have inflicted – upon Australian soil. In deploying their chosen mediums the artists are asked to visually interpret a specific reference point they identify as being five miles from the sea. This will be accompanied by a Google Earth image so viewers can place the artist's chosen areas into a geographic context.  

Who lives five miles from the sea, and how does the impact of settlement appear in the eyes of the twelve participating artists?  With some artists beginning their lives in different parts of the globe – and since chosen to make Australia their home – it will be interesting to observe whether their perspectives differ to those who were born and bred here: will it reveal any notions about being a 'multicultural' country, or a society that is considered as being Twenty-First Century?   

Kirsten Rann